SAPA Declaration for a violence free South Asia
Recognizing the prevailing tensions and rising violence in the South Asian region and believing that peaceful co-existence is necessary, the South Asian Peace Alliance (SAPA) is the result of a three year long consultative process and action which has included voluntary organisations, people’s movements and individuals from six South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka), and also draws from experience at the international level.

SAPA aims to promote sustainable peace through the philosophy and practice of Ahimsa (nonviolence) by addressing structural and other forms of violence that affect a large number of marginalized people across the region.

SAPA recognizes the rich potential of youth energy, women’s power and the power of the community at large as a means of bringing about fundamental and necessary change. We believe that a South Asian community can emerge where women and men, girls and boys can rise above immense levels of fear and discrimination to achieve their human potential and to transform their society.

We appeal to like-minded organizations and individuals, who are prepared to put their trust in the power of ahimsa(non-violence), to join the movement and to take up the challenge of a violence-free South Asia.